叶精作 作品集1 Seisaku Kano Artworks & Illustrations 1 「 This is for real」




    「実験人形ダミー・オスカー」「オークションハウス」「上ってなンボ!! 太一よ泣くな」他、様々な作品で知られる叶精作のイラスト集第1弾。 かつて『GORO』という雑誌があったことをご存知だろうか? 1974年に創刊し、1992年の最終号まで女性グラビアから漫画、新車情報、その時々の若者の流行や風俗を取り上げ絶大な人気を誇っていた。篠山紀信の「激写」シリーズも「GORO」だ。その中に異色を放つ漫画が連載されていた。それが「実験人形ダミー・オスカー」。小池一夫原作、叶精作作画によるハードボイルド・セクシーコミックだ。小池一夫のストーリー展開はもちろん読者を引き込んで止まないのであるが、同様に読者を魅了したのは叶精作の描く絵であったといえる。劇画と呼ばれる分野の中でも特に精密な絵を描く叶の手によって、登場人物は活き活きとまるで吐く息すら感じられるような色気を放っていた。特に男性読者は、描かれた女性の艶っぽさに夢中にさせられたのではないだろうか。その後も様々な連載作品等を世に送り出す中、いち早くIllusutratorやPhotoshopといったソフトを取り入れ、進化してきた叶精作。そのイラストを、制作の手法を紹介するメイキングも交えながらカテゴリー別に収録。叶氏のテクニックの一端を垣間見ることができるHow to本としても楽しめる内容になっている。 This is the first collection of illustrations by Japanese illustrator Seisaku Kano,known for various works including the manga “Experimental Doll Dummy Oscar”,“Auction House”,and “Agatte Nambo! Taichi Yo Nakuna” among others. In Japan,there was once a magazine called “GORO”. first published in 1974,the magiazine enjoyed popularity until its final issue published in 1992,feeding the young male demographic readership the latest in trends and fashion including manga,pinup girls,and the latest on new cars. It was in “GORO” that photographer extraordinaire Kishin Shinoyama boosted his popularity with his regular photographic series “Gekisha”. There was one particular serialized Manga in GORO that stood out from the rest. It was “Experimental Doll Dummy Oscar”,a hard-boiled,sexy manga written by Kazuo Koike and illustrated by Seisaku Kanos drawings. It goes without saying that the story by Kazuo Koike was the alluring factor for the readers,but of course in the same way it was the drawings by Seisaku Kano that captivated the them. Kano’s drawings,which are very meticulous even among the genre of graphic novels known as Gekiga,breathed life into the characters adding an sex appeal that only Kano could. in particular,many male readers would have been mesmerized the seductive ambience of the women Kano drew. Seisaku Kano has produced many works ever since,and continues to evolve in his endeavors,being one of the earliest Japanese artists to incorporate software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. This collection features his illustrations in different categories,as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how Kano produces his works. The book can be enjoyed as a “How-to” book where fans and art-lovers can catch a glimpse of the wonderful techniques of Seisaku Kano. 【目次】 第1章:Cool Beauty 女性の艶を表現することにおいては格別に評価の高い叶精作。氏の描く線の持つ色気を堪能してもらえるよう、アダルトな女性のイラストで構成。 第2章:Japanese Beauty 第1章同様に女性中心に構成。こちらは和のテイストで。 第3章:Kawaii 叶精作の絵の魅力はSEXYな大人の女性ばかりではない。コケテッシュで小悪魔的魅力を持つ少女を中心に構成。 第4章:Guys 一転して、力強くもどこか影を背負たようにも感じられる男性イラストを中心に構成。精密イラストの極ともいえるトンボのイラストもメイキングとともに収録。 Chapter 1: Cool Beauty Seisaku Kano is exceptionally acclaimed for his artistic expression of the sensualness of women. This chapter is composed of mature expressions illustrations of an women,which best illustrates the sex appeal of Kano’s sensual art. Chapter 2: Japanese Beauty Continuing on the them of the first chapter,this chapter depicts women dressed in traditional Japanese attire. Chapter 3: Kawaii Seisaku Kano is not the only known for illustrations of sexy adult woman. This chapter showcases illustrations of ’kawaii’ (cute) girls with a vampish and coquettish charm. Chapter 4: Guys The final chapter is structured around illustrations of men,oozes with masculine strength and an air of melancholy. Also included in this chapter is an illustration and a behind-the-scenes look of a dragonfly,which represents the meticulousness of Kano’s illustrations.

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