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ヴィンテージ愛好者から絶大な支持を得ている、 イギリス発の男性ファッション&カルチャー誌。 ファッション、アート、 モーターサイクルなどを美しい写真と共に紹介している。 編集人は欧米のファッション業界で活躍す る写真家・ニック・クレメンツ。 全編英文になります。 ●Dear Readers●Contents●productfile●bookfile●specialproductfile●profile Anne and Jessi●eventsfile Paradise Road Show, Palm Springs●makersfile Brian Blakely: Embroiderer●profile Merz b Schwanen●eventsfile Cafe Streamline, Tokyo●makersfile Old Town: Old and New●makersfile Elizabeth Vale: Fashion Designer●makersfile Wheels: The Ruote Borrani Factory●stylefile The Cathcart Effect●profile Who is Papa Nui●vendorfile Lolo Love Vintage●vendorfile Blue in Green●vendorfile Where to Buy Japanese in London●vendorfile Brycelands●artistfile Marie-Sophie Lockhart: Embroidery Artist●vendorfile Tokyo Shopping●eventsfile Revolution Motorcycle and Arts Show, St Leonards-on-Sea●eventsfile VHRA, Pendine Sands●profile Day of Denim Interview●stylefile Tales from the Old West: Levi’s Vintage Clothing●motofile Matt Rabbidge: Photographer & Motorcyclist●stylefile Sam Lovegrove x The Brough Superior Collection●eventsfile Auerberg Klassik●eventsfile The Malle Mile●eventsfile The Great Mile●eventsfile The “CC” Show, Yokohama●stylefile “CC” Show Visitor●autofile Ms Annika Caswell and the Owlet●eventsfile Wheels and Waves, California●eventsfile Wheels and Waves, Biarritz●moviefile Sugar and Spade: A Film About Motorcycles & Friendship●stylefile Sunset Susan●stylefile Tito on Green●motofile Cheetah●motofile Blue Groove “Taka” of Kamakura●motofile Blitz, Paris●profile Billy & Coral●eventsfile War and Peace●eventsfile Assembly (Custom) Motorcycle Show, London●stylefile Mark Large: Double RL Collector●profile Alex Hills : Tailor●motofile Bon Zorro x Lewis Leathers●motofile DTRA Amman, Valley Meeting

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