CLUTCH Magazine Vol.68

CLUTCH Magazine編集部



    Made in Japanの素晴らしいプロダクツにフォーカスし紹介すると同時に、世界中の素晴らしいモノ、素晴らしい人物を日本中に広めていく……。それが『CLUTCH Magazine』です。特別な趣味趣向を持った大人の男性たちが潜在的に持つ「マニアゴコロ」を刺激する情報を発信していきます。 ●CLUTCH POST●目次●特集 EXCITING VINTAGE NEW YORK, LONDON, PARIS…●One Day Trial at Kameoka Trial Land in Kyoto by On Any Sanda●GAIEDE Special Collaboration Gallery●Build a Strong Presence. First-Arrow’s●PLAY THE GAME with LFC●Feel The Craftsmanship. ARIZONA FREEDOM●For all DAYS all SCENES! Horizon Blue●HYAKU-TORA The REAL McCOY’S●COLOR CODE STEVENSON OVERALL CO.●AILE de GRUE EVISU●Four Cities SMART CLOTHING STORE●Inspired from Japanese Traditional Fabric Pure blue japan●Plus One Item. Japan Blue Jeans●American Golden Age JELADO●Wearable Artwork Trophy Clothing●HERE THE MAIN LODGE BLACK SIGN●The Portrait GLAD HAND & Co.●Style From...... Maika Loubte●CLUTCH Information●THE LISTED PRODUCTS. vol.09 RESIN TABLE T-PLASTER●MY FAVORITE BERLIN PLACES●Focus on…BRAND NEW OPTICAL JULIUS TART OPTICAL●My Sweet Watch vol.10 / 1959 LECOULTRE Deep Sea Alarm Automatic●UNCOMMON FURNISHING 1930s French Dental Cabinet●Synchronization Lewis Leathers●Made by Boots Specialists. Ol’ Shanks●HAT MAKES A MAN●YOUNG GUN MEETS OLD CLOTHING Vol.19 Army Shorts●“ORE TO MONO” vol.10●My Tokyo Note by Tony Crosbie / Vol.10 HARAJUKU●UNKNOWN ’50s meets 706union●Vintage Brandnew Vol.68 Lot.3024 WIDE AWAKE SHIRTS / Lot.3025●COOL STYLE BARBER FILE vol.07 PARADISE BARBER●TOKYO COFFEE STAND / Vol.10 DUCT COFFEE LAB●A LUXURIOUS VOYAGE CRUISE SHIP QUEEN ELIZABETH●The Collectors Vol.10 Vintage Rock T-shirts Collection by Ryohei Matoba (offshore Owner)

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