CLUTCH Magazine Vol.52

CLUTCH Magazine編集部



    Made in Japanの素晴らしいプロダクツにフォーカスし紹介すると同時に、世界中の素晴らしいモノ、素晴らしい人物を日本中に広めていく……。それが『CLUTCH Magazine』です。特別な趣味趣向を持った大人の男性たちが潜在的に持つ「マニアゴコロ」を刺激する情報を発信していきます。 ●表紙●CLUTCH POST●目次●CLUTCH VINTAGE MALL Autumn & Winter●Autumn and Winter 2016 1SCENE × 1STYLE●特集 GOODWOOD REVIVAL 2016●ESCAPE FROM New Mexico LOWLY FAMILY COLLECTION●Fascinated by the photo Monsivais & Co.●Attractive Fabric. Brown’s Beach Jacket for FULLCOUNT●The possibilities are infinite. FIRST-ARROW’S●ACROSS THE BORDER THE BARBA TOKYO × BLIND BARBER●The Portrait GLAD HAND & Co.●Style From...... Chara[ Musician ]●CLUTCH Information●THE WELL-MADE BRITISH GARMENTS. WELCOME TO HACKNEY UNION WORKHOUSE●Jeff Decker of Springville,Utah Visits Lewis Leathers of London●LEATHER JACKETS JOE McCOY●SUGAR CANE’s HURRICANE!●Mister Freedom × Sugar Cane 10th Anniversary REVIVAL●GOOD PARTNER Burgus Plus●COLOR CODE for STEVENSON OVERALL CO.●THE AMERICAN CLASSICS Schott N.Y.C.●9th STREET Levi’s(R) Vintage Clothing●YOUNG GUN MEETS OLD CLOTHING College Sweat Shirt●2016 AUTUMN & WINTER gold●EVISUZUKI●For further progress. from THE FLAT HEAD●Variation of NATURAL PURE INDIGO pure blue japan●BACK to BASIC Japan Blue Jeans●Start From Zero Graph Zero●INDIGO×LOOP-WHEEL STUDIO D’ARTISAN●The Heritage Americana JELADO × RED WING●WINTER EQUIPMENT. Smart Clothing Stote MACHIDA●HAND CRAFTED THE H.W.DOG&CO.●“UNKNOWN’50s” meets... 706union●THIS IS MADE IN U.S.A. GLAD HAND Co.●Book of Life / SHUZO KITA●Vintage Brandnew Vol.52●for LEATHER FREAKS TENJIN WORKS●ASIAN CRAFTSMAN●TOADLENA SHOW in CPCM●KEEP ON Shining. ARIZONA FREEDOM●THE IMPRESSION of CHRYSLER 300●A DENIM DUDETTE IN CALIFORNIA●YOU LOOK STYLISH cool guys at Inspiration NY

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